Pearl Beach

Designed by Buckwell & Partners Architects, this stunning, ecologically sensitive home was a joy to construct and dress with natural, Australian finishing touches.

This spacious home is designed to be in harmony with its bushland environment, set back from the beach, by a lagoon.

The striking exterior cladding and external geometric arch are built from recycled spotted gum.

The timber continues to impress once you walk inside, with sturdy, Durabeam laminated cypress pine beams high above.

The beams support a very special roof, tiled with integrated solar tiles. This technology doesn’t protrude from the roofline like typical solar panels – it sits, sleek and unassuming, integrated perfectly with the traditional roof tiles.

The finishes are highly considered, with pre-charred Spotted Gum stairs, and large Spotted Gum sliding doors.

Passive sunlight and temperature control is achieved with aluminium shrouds and motorized blinds.

The home has a ‘lagoon’ of its own – a curved spa with elegant curved glass balustrade.

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