A beautiful modern beach cottage with an airy, light atmosphere, this 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom home is a relaxing retreat. The custom design combines clever indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing the owners to enjoy the sunshine, and the shade, as they wish.

Despite the smaller footprint, this cottage house a full bathroom with deep bath, full kitchen, and enclosed laundry storage area, living room, bedroom and a large, fenced deck. Perfect for summer.

New Home Build

Outdoor Living

Whitewashed timber floors, warm whites throughout, lots of custom joinery storage, and a full kitchen and dining area.
The bathroom features a large freestanding bath, shadow line wall and ceiling edges, a frameless shower and delicate fixtures.
High ceilings with painted rafters create a beautiful cross breeze throughout the home. This bedroom opens to the outdoor decking.

A breezy home for easy living…

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